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Here are things some of you may not know about Sheryl:

1. She was a surprise baby.

2. She was the youngest of three kids and the only one born in Hawaii.

3. She was a little rascal.

4. She was very competitive.

5. She was a natural athlete.

6. She was artistic, creative and musically inclined.

7. She played the piano beautifully but did not like practicing.

8. She could have been a singer but chose not to.

9. She tends to be shy and soft spoken at first until she gets to know you.

10. She was fearless and liked to try new things.

11. She was a good storyteller. She'd make up stories, you think they're real.

12. She liked making new friends everywhere she went.

13. She had a lot of best friends and some of them were guys.

14. She liked helping people.

15. She had a heart for people with special needs.

16. She liked very hot and spicy foods.

17. She didn't like pineapples.

18. She didn't have any body tattoes.

19. Aside from her ears, she didn't have any body piercings.

20. She was dyslexic.

21. She could text like crazy. She could text with her phone and hand in her pocket.

22. She liked intense roller coaster rides.

23. Her thumbs were double-jointed.

24. She could roll one eye while the other one was stationary.

25. She was a video gamer.

26. She liked to play World of Warcraft.

27. She had a pet bird, rabbit and dogs.

28. She doesn't brush her hair. She liked them wash and wear.

29. She liked to wear shorts and hardly wear long jeans.

30. She liked to wear loose shirts, jackets and boy's hats.

31. She took showers for an hour everyday.

32. She liked going to the beach and watching movies.

33. She broke her ribs once playing soccer. She rammed into the goalie, which happened to be a bigger guy.

34. When she and her sister were about the same height, they won every three-legged race they joined.

35. She was half-white, half-filipino.

36. She was much taller than her parents.

37. She liked her freckles.


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