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Marie Nuckols Condolences To Your Family September 9, 2011
 I am sorry we lost touch for 15 years, I held my friends and my beloved Hawaii in my heart. I was so hurt and sadden to learn of Sheryl, She is missed by our whole family and we will be praying for you all.
Lourdes Gianan Hussain Condolence April 20, 2011
Thea and Al,

I am deeply saddened for the loss of your beautiful daughter.  We have not reached each other for the longest time and hearing this tragedy is truly disappointing.  My heartfelt condolence to the family and my prayers will be with you...

Lourdes Gianan Hussain
grace & joey espiritu have faith September 20, 2010
we will pray for the family  and may you feel in your hearts that  she is now with the LORD and pain no sorrows.her  mission is husband always say-"there is time for everything".she is now your guardian angel, just open your minds and hearts and you will feel her.
charlotte true beauty July 2, 2010

i did not really know sheryl but i did know florence villanueva and Kawena gallarde from my past pageant(the one Sheryl did last year), and they seem like both very good friends of Sheryl and from what i've heard shes broken the ice on stereotypical beauty queens and even just made a huge impact on everyone..and i really mean everyone. it's things like this that make us not take our lives for granted because the Lord could call us home anyday and we have to ready to go and by that i mean reflecting a truly beautiful inside and out person. my deepest condolences to your daughter,friend,niece,or aquaintance. it looks like she will be truly be missed!


yours truly,


Jenna Wakatake To a great friend.. June 18, 2010
Sheryl & I were good friends from 7th grade till our senior year. I think about her everyday and it's hard to accept the fact that she's actually gone, it all feels like a nightmare that i'm trying to wake myself up from. Everyone who watched the story of Sheryl on the news know her as that beautiful young model, but i remember her as that ditzy girl who i saw at recess everyday in an XL boys shirt with shorts & slippers. I love & miss her so much, but i know she's in a better place now and i hope that someday our paths will cross again.
Stephanie and Karlen classmates June 11, 2010
We are very sorry for your loss. Sheryl was always a very happy, energetic person. She would always brighten up the room and cheer everyone up. She had a positive impact on our lives and she will be missed dearly. We enjoyed having her in our class cause she would always know how to make us laugh.
Charleen Tokunaga With deepest sympathy June 9, 2010

I didn't know Sheryl well.  I only knew her as Allen and Estrella's daughter.  My heartfelt condolences to Allen and Estrella and your family.  My prayers are with you all. 

Kim Dalmeijer Heartbroken June 7, 2010
I just revisited Sheryl's modelling portfolio after not having looked for a while and I am shocked to learn that she passed away.
My thoughts go out to Sheryl's family and friends, I wish them great strength and courage in such a difficult time. May Sheryl rest in peace.

Kim Dalmeijer
The Netherlands
SM and Family Memory of a helpful and Kind young lady May 30, 2010
My family and I want to send our condolences to Sheryl's family and friends. We were saddened to hear of Sheryl's passing. We did not know Sheryl personally but we did meet her once when she was helping the Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii booth at the Family Expo last year. I just remember how beautiful, well spoken and kind she was towards me my wife and especially my sons whom she helped placed temporary children's tattoos on. Rest in peace Sheryl and to her family we wish you well and send our Aloha.
Kawena Gallarde Queen Sheryl May 30, 2010

Sheryl was such an amazing person. I remember she was the FIRST person I ever met in pageantry. During our pageant classes we would run our mouths like crazy. Ms.Vilma would threaten to separate us. Sheryl was always helpful. And I know, even though she is back home in Heaven, she hasn't stopped helping others. She has inspired so many people. And more to come.



I love and miss you Sheryl.


Kawena Gallarde

----- ----- May 13, 2010

i've known sheryl since middle school, but never really knew her well. even so, i know she was an outstanding person and will truly be missed. i was supposed to be graduating with sheryl this sunday, and even though she isn't there, i know she'll be smiling down from Heaven. my heart goes out to her family, friends, and boyfriend. rest in peace, sheryl<33

Alain & Sandy Schiller I was at Queen when you were there Allan May 8, 2010

I was the guy with grand-daughter Zuree and daughter in law Aie tending to my son Jay w/ an acute pancreatitis in the Queen Hospital ICU for 2 weeks. I always will remember and be grateful for the time we both pray for our kids.  Our Lord choose to have your daughter save others and gave us back our son.... I still feel the pain in your heart, since for a few days I thought my son will be gone too.

I was touched by the love your daughter's friends felt for her and I wish to let them know....On the memorial day for Sheryl, I will be with you all in thoughts and prayers...  Our home in Waikoloa on the Big Island will always be open to you and your family as well as to some of your daughter's friends when one choose to visit our island for a few days. You may email me at or call 987-9866.

In His love,

Alain Schiller

Michael Shockley Model Search TV Hawaii April 28, 2010

God Knows You'll Be Greatly Missed....but we know you're with the Angels in Heaven


Michael Shockley

mutualreception Bittersweet April 27, 2010

So bittersweet to know that the pain of losing such an angel has enabled several others to live.

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elizinalbany condolence April 27, 2010
I went and checked the box on my driver's license after reading this story.

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manda81305 What a heart wrenching story. April 27, 2010
What a heart wrenching story. All my love and prayers go out to her family during this tragic time. I lost my aunt a year and a half ago to the same type of stroke, and she too was an organ donor. In her death, she ended up saving the lives of three teenagers. The comfort of knowing that she gave three lives a second chance was something I will never forget. Organ donation is such a selfless act of love. I am also an organ donor and urge everyone to become one as well. May Sheryl rest in peace!

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Bloggirl2010 She was certainly a hero. April 27, 2010
I admire this young lady for thinking about giving lives to others. My heart goes out to her family, she was certainly a hero.

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philosopherboy Sheryl Wolfe was the real deal April 27, 2010
Generally as a rule I don't like beauty queens as they often seem more like Barbie dolls than real people, however Sheryl Wolfe was the real deal she has outer beauty but she has inner beauty far superior to that of her outer beauty and she has set a very good example of how we all should live and I wish her parents and friends all the best.

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Mei Lani Aki & family Carpet ride in the Sky April 26, 2010
Much more than the "Dash" between the years of beauty shared with life filled with love and laughter, smiles of an angel.  The loss of a daughter so precious is unfathomable,...for a long time,....the aches....may you hold through the hurricanes of turmoil, holding God's hand...a flight through the clouds she goes.  I wish you Peace, and pray for you Hope,
Dedicating: From Aladin's Movie: "A Whole new World,....a carpet ride in the skies."
[lost my daughter @ 15 yrs]
Iris Ono Strength April 26, 2010

The Wolfe Ohana,


i only got to meet Sheryl for a brief moment during rehearsals and after hearing of her stroke, her story, it has deeply touched my heart.  She had a smile that could light up the room!!  As pageant sisters, there is a bond that unites all of us.  Visiting at the hospital for the first time with Alicia, I was a little timid not knowing how I would be able to handle my emotions.  After meeting you all, I saw the strength in your hearts which in return gave me the strength to know that everything would be okay.  God has bigger plans for her, and Sheryl is known around the world.  I know her story had touched millions of people and she will never be forgotton.  My God and Sheryl watch over you during this tough time and know that there are all of us here praying for you and your family.  God Bless!



Glenn Booker none April 26, 2010

To Sheryl's family and friends,

I can't imagine the pain you're going through, but my thoughts are with you.

To lose such an exquisite young lady so suddenly is truly unfathomable.

Blessed Be.


Bonnie Rose Condolences April 26, 2010
I did not get to meet Sheryl in person, but had been following her work online through model mayhem and from the work she had done with friends of mine. I am saddened by the sudden loss, and having lost a close family member in the last couple years, my heart goes out to all her family and close friends during this time. She has definitely left a huge impact and inspiration into so many lives that she touched around her. -- Bonnie Rose
Kinsey Texeira We have a sweet angel April 24, 2010

To the Wolfe Family-

We will never understand the reason things like this happen, we will never understand why Sheryl's life was cut extremely short but I do know that she is now wrapped in Jesus's arms looking down on all of us. It is hard to be happy when really what we want to do is crawl up and hide for a while- but I know with a smile and personality like hers she would hate to see us all so sad. I was blessed to have known her and even more blessed to see how much she impacted lives in her short beautiful life.

As "pageant sisters" I believe this has brought us all closer, we now realize the importance of having each other. Every single pageant has been affected in someway or another by hearing this news. That shows what a sweet impact she had. We will all proudly wear the forrest green and goldenrod (well as close as I could find) ribbons in honor of our pageant sister on our banners! We know she will always be there with us in spirit!

Just know you have a wonderful support system and great group of friends who are here if you need anything! Thank you for being so strong for everyone else. I will never forget the strength you showed at the hospital. I was and still am in awe of how wonderful you as her parents, sister and brother were! Hang in there! We love you very much!


The Texeira Family

Shirley Beemer My Deepest Sympathies April 24, 2010

To Estrella, Allen, Joel, and Lauren,


      My heart was touched when I heard the news of Sheryl's passing. My deepest sympathies. I pray that God will touch your hearts and bring you comfort in your sorrow.

      Perhaps you do not know me. I walked through your store Scrapper's Friend many times along with my husband Hugh. My husband loved chatting with Alan and I liked talking to Marissa for ideas on scrapbooking. I may have never said very much about why I was there--for you see, I too, lost a daughter and she was only 21 years old.  I would go to your store to make scrap book after scrapbook of my precious daughter. I pray that the God of comfort will bring peace to your hearts as He gave to me. How I wish I could hug every one of

you-- for there are no words to express the sorrow of losing your very own child. I will keep you all in my prayers.


   Sincerely Yours,

   Hugh & Shirley Beemer 

After6Media Taken too soon... April 24, 2010
Sheryl was an awesome person, although we have only spoken via email... she had an awesome personality which came through soon.... As the father of a 16 yo daughter, i really get a good sense of how she was... She was taken way too soon from us! I send my condolences to Sheryl's family and friends... She will always be a beacon of light to all... My God bless Sheryl's Soul and her Family, Sincerely, Chaz
Fran K. with deepest sympathy April 23, 2010

To Allen, Estrella, and the rest of the Ohana:  Sending special thoughts, prayers and strength during this difficult time.  Sheryl was a beautiful girl who will continue to live through the gifts she has given to others.


With deepest sympthy.

Li & 'ohana God Bless April 23, 2010
Tia & 'ohana, Our heartfelt condolences go out to you all! May god give you the strength to make it through these difficult times and pull you through together as a a family. Sheryl will forever be in our hearts and prayers!
Tim Orden An extraordinary person April 23, 2010
I only knew Sheryl in the context of making photographs. We worked together about five times. I was so impressed by her enthusiasm and determination to "get it right." You must know that in my career, I have seen many thousands in my lens. From these 40 years of photographing, there are only a few who stand out. And without question, Miss Sheryl Wolfe was one of them. What I need to make sure that we understand is that in my professional opinion, Sheryl was clearly on a path to being that which she aspired to. Sheryl Wolfe had talent, determination and a positivity that isn't found in 99% of the models I photograph. I need to say this, because Sheryl earned her progress in modeling, one smile at a time. What we can, and must learn from Sheryl's efforts is that we can be determined and yet caring and present with those that we encounter. Our lesson in her honor, is to take her example to heart. To honor Sheryl is to make the positivity which came natural to her, be a part of our way of living.
Ron & Brenda Robertson Condolences April 23, 2010
We are very saddened to learn of Sheryl's passing. Alan, Estrella, Lauren and Joel, please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all! It was an honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to meet Sheryl and spend some time with her while we were on Oahu last summer. She was a very special young woman who touched our hearts instantly and left us feeling like we had known her all her life! She had an special charm and an inner beauty that we will never forget! May God bless you all! Brenda & Ron Robertson Photographs Leduc, AB, Canada
From Tom So and Family To My Beautiful Pamangkin Sheryl.... we love you.. April 22, 2010

To counsin Estrella and family,

Si pinsan Tom mo ito. Nakakalungkot naman balita. Our prayers and condolences. Matagal na hindi nagkikita families natin pero laging nasa puso at alaala namin kayong lahat diyan sa Hawaii.  We love you all....

Jane My Aloha April 22, 2010
I will always be saddened by Sheryl's passing but memories of her contagious smile and amazing spirit will forever bring warmth to my heart. Love you Sheryl! Alan, Estrella, Lauren and Joel... my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Bailey Sybrowsky Pageant sister April 22, 2010

Sheryl, you will forever be in my heart. You were always so nice to me, and always had great advice for me. You were so excited when I won my title, I hope that in a few years I can accomplish as much as you have. I know that god has a place for you, and you are the prettiest angel in heaven. I promise to always rememeber you and carry you in my heart. When I go to Nationals in October, I will wear an angel pin on my gown in remebrance of you. Your family and especially your mom and dad are in my famalies thoughts and prayers. You are forever a hero.


Mr and Mrs Wolfe and Lauren and Joel please know that we are praying for you to help remeber to celebrate Sheryl's life. May god bless you and lift you up!

Always in my heart, Bailey Sybrowsky , Miss Aloha State Jr. Teen

Brenda Beautiful angel taken too soon April 22, 2010

To the family of Sheryl Wolfe,

I did not know Sheryl, I happened to read the tragic article online while at work today.  I had a close friend have an auersym back in October, she also had no signs or symptoms and we were all shocked when we heard she was in a coma.  Luckily, she did survive and is improving daily.  Unfortunately, your beautiful angel was taken, way too soon and much too young.  She was a beautiful girl on the outside and from what I've read, she was just a lovely on the inside too.  I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter.  I pray that you find comfort in the memories of her life.  May God bless you all.


~Brenda, NJ

Jackie Brienza Condolences April 22, 2010

Saw this story on Today show this morning and as the mom of an 18 year old who has headaches it scared me to death. My heart goes out to her family and I know that heaven is a bit brighter because of that beautiful smile...Prayers for her family and for all of her friends..she had many it seems...may God bless and keep each of you..Love In Christ..from Orlando, Florida

Nicole Hope & Love April 22, 2010

I wanted to give my condolences and strength for the family and friends. I didn't know Sheryl and i can't imagine what her family is going through right now. I went through the same thing with the unusual blood vessel stroke and im very sorry. I do believe she has insrpired many people, and it will take alot of love and strength, i know i am so thankful for my family and friends and i wish i can do anything to help your grief. Sheryl was a very beautiful girl, her memory will live on. Keep you in our prayers.


~Nicole Molla~

ModelMayhem condolences from ModelMayhem April 22, 2010
While none of us at ModelMayhem knew Sheryl personally, everything we have heard about her leaves us no doubt that she was an extraordinary young lady. Our sympathies, thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends and loved ones. ModelMayhem
Jake & Faith You are a hero April 22, 2010

You were taken by the Lord from your family and friends so that you may sit next to Him in His kingdom at such a tender age. Your accomplishments in life thus far made your life ahead of you look very bright. But the Lord has a higher purpose for you, so that in your death, others may live. His is the only plan we must obey. And through Him you have accomplished what others would not have accomplished even with a thousand lifetime; You have given total strangers a chance to live again. You have lived an inspiring life. In your death, you became a hero.


To Allen and Ate Estrella, Lauren, and Joel, please accept our heartfelt condolences. 


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