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When Sheryl first came to Mililani middle school i knew her as the new girl, i had no idea how great of friends we would soon become. In 7th grade we made the laffy taffy crew, i remember we named it after that song laffy taffy haha we were so weird but that's when i really got to know her. From the start we had a lot of things in common, we were the "blonde" & childish ones of the group, and we were both related to george bush haha, I think that's why we got along so well. We both liked to watch Spongebob & Family guy and majority of our conversations involved quoting lines from the shows & singing the random songs they would have (campfire song song & can't touch me). High school came along and as we started finding new friends & interests, our crew started to slowly drift apart. We sat at the same table for recess everyday, Sheryl, me, Jody, Angie, Lauren, and Taylor, but near the end of our senior year it was just me & Sheryl. Then it was just me. I think about her every day, and i wish i could go back in time and spend one more day with her & let her know how much she meant to me, but i know we'll cross paths again someday and i hope she's looking forward to seeing me as much as i'm looking forward to seeing her.
Neil Napeahi
I was lucky enough to meet this young woman with such high standards for her life. She went by the name of Sheryl Wolfe.  I remember meeting her at this photo shoot and she sat next to me and asked me what my name was. We eventually started talking about where we came from and became friends like back in kindergarten. We both started to take pictures for different photographers until the photographer told us we should take pictures together, so we did. We had the biggest smiles on our faces and laughed about everything and how our faces are going to hurt after. She later e-mailed me about a wedding photo shoot and asked if I could be the groom. I was thankful for the opportunity to work with her again, as usual the photo shoot was a success. I miss her so much. I will always remember you Sheryl and don't forget WE GOT MARRIED ;)

-Neil Napeahi

p.s. I didn't forget our pinky promise and I will walk the runway for us :) MISS YOU!
R.I.P. Sheryl Wolfe
Sharon Hoppis
My family was lucky enough to get to know Sheryl through my son Kenzie who was dating Sheryl for several years. Kenzie loved and will love Sheryl always. We grew to love her too. What was not to love about Sheryl. Sheryl always impressed me because she just seemed to have this wonderful energy that surrounded her. It made me laugh how sometimes she would seem so young and innocent, her head cocked to the side with a cute impish smile with those big doe like eyes of hers then at other times you saw the more confident beautiful and accomplished women we know she was becoming and would become. I was so happy that my son met a girl that was so loving, thoughtful and seemed to bring so much joy into his life and ours. I remember being amazed at just how much those two laughed with each other. What a gift. I have gotten to know a few of her friends like Laura even better since we lost Sheryl and I can see that she was such an important and positive part of their lives. I have heard of what a good, loving and loyal friend she was not to mention a lot of fun. We will never forget her, always hold her in our thoughts and words and hearts. We know that she is with God as that is where all angels go. Our prayers our with her family and all the many that are grieving.
Giovanie Robledo
Shery, Nikki Reyes, Angie and I were close friends during middle school. We would stand around at the skatepark trying to be cute for the boys hahahha! We share the same birthday which was always awesome because we were the special ones for that day,she was this cute awkward tomboy with braces who blossomed to this incredibly stunning woman. I kept in touch with her up until the day she left us. We would talk about plans of me coming to see her this summer. She taught me some pidgin too hahahha. She was a silly beautiful young woman and I would do anything to see her again and she goodbye. I will never forget her. My prayers go out to the family. you're in my heart. I love you Sheryl, I'll never forget you.
i remember the first day i met you sheryl. you were so silly and funny and goofy. we had such a blast these last 5 years. i remember the good times and the bad times, the sleepovers, and birthday parties. and all the fun times we had in school. you were one of my best friends and will be missed so every much. we all love you sheryl and your family. may you rest in peace always. you will live on in everyone you have touched. my prayers go out to you and your family.<3
Nyawo Fallay &Abby Serna
We remember going to middle school with Sheryl in American Canyon. She was so funny and always laughed at all of Nyawo dumb jokes. Last week we were just looked at a picture of her and Mariyet last week and now she is gone.Even though we had not seen Sheryl in a long time, she still and will always have a place in our hearts. Rest In Paradise Sheryl we will miss you. Our prayer go out to your family<3
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