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Model Photographer

I only knew Sheryl in the context of making photographs. We worked together about five times. I was so impressed by her enthusiasm and determination to "get it right." You must know that in my career, I have seen many thousands in my lens. From these 40 years of photographing, there are only a few who stand out. And without question, Miss Sheryl Wolfe was one of them.

What I need to make sure that we understand is that in my professional opinion, Sheryl was clearly on a path to being that which she aspired to. Sheryl Wolfe had talent, determination and a positivity that isn't found in 99% of the models I photograph. I need to say this, because Sheryl earned her progress in modeling, one smile at a time. What we can, and must learn from Sheryl's efforts is that we can be determined and yet caring and present with those that we encounter.

Our lesson in her honor, is to take her example to heart. To honor Sheryl is to make the positivity which came natural to her, be a part of our way of living.

Uncle Tim
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