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Mom Estrella

Sheryl was our third and youngest child. She was our surprise baby, given to us by God for 18 years. She kept us busy during those 18 years and filled our hearts with joy and laughter.    When she was born, we called her our little princess. Little had we known that she would grow up to be a queen someday. Sheryl hardly cried when she was a baby. She was mostly seen smiling with her big brown eyes and chubby cheeks.
When she grew up as a little girl, she liked wearing beautiful dresses. Her favorite movie at that time was Cinderella. She called herself Cinderella and wanted glass slippers for Christmas. She warmed to people right away and they found it hard not to love her.
She started dancing, doing gymnastics and playing soccer at a tender age. She led the Mililani High School JV soccer team to championship during her sophomore year. After that she focused on track and field like her Dad did. She ran the 400, 4x400 relay and qualified for state championships for High Jump.
During her last years in high school, her passion switched from sports to modelling. She entered two pageants in 2009 and won them both. She was determined to win another one in 2010 when her life was cut short. Now, her pageant friend Florence Villanueva will be running in her place. On Mother's day, May 9, 2010, we will be at the Hawaii Convention Center to watch Sheryl walk in her gown through her friend Florence.
Sheryl spent all but three years of her life in Mililani, Hawaii. She lived in American Canyon in Napa Valley from 2002 to 2005. I remember during her first day in school, everybody wanted to be her best friend. She gained a lot of friends and played for two soccer teams in California. We spent most of our weekends with her as we travel to different soccer games.
She was a best friend to a lot of people. She cheered people's spirits when they were down. Her big sister Lauren was her favorite person of all. She had a genuine compassion for special people and wanted to get involved in special olympics someday. She is currently supporting a child in a foreign country and we will continue to support him for her. 
She loved the beach and the mall. She wanted to own a Nissan hardbody someday. She wanted to be famous like Tyra Banks. Her favorite actors were Johnny Depp and Rachel McAdams. Her favorite colors changes from time to time. The latest ones were goldenrod and forest green. She liked sushi, ramen and green tea. Her favorite flowers were the lillies. She like stuffed animals. Her favorite was Sealy (a baby seal given by Kenzie).

She accomplished so much in a short period of time, more than I had accomplished in my life. She will always be in our hearts. I will continue to be with her in my dreams. I will be strong for you, my beloved daughter. You had shown strength for us, now help us to be strong  for each other. You were my little princess on earth, now you are my guardian angel in heaven. We will miss you so much. I love you, Sheryl.

Your mom forever,