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Pageant 2 Friend

Soon, you will be flying with the angels. Though it may be late, I would like to let you know how much you have truly impacted my life. In this past two days, I have been able to look back at the path that I have been taking towards the future and I have realized that I have been quite off track.

You have taught me that life is such a precious gift, it is our gift from God, a gift of which we are all truly blessed. I have been lost this past year, I lost my desire to achieve my greatest ambitions. I have lost my good intentions as many have turned into bad ones. I have lost many good people in my life whom i seemed to have chased away and now, I am losing you.

The things that you have had to fight through have given me a great reality check. A reality check that has given me my yearn to better myself and to change my ways so that I may be back on track.

You may not be able to graduate or win the Miss Teen Hawaii World pageant like you wanted but those things are just “things” which we work to achieve and, everything of which you have already achieved in this short life of yours is way more superior to these “things”.

Thank you , thank you sooo much from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for what you have taught me, for what you have taught all of us, for bringing everyone together again, for all that you have done for me and for letting me be a part of your life, for all of your kind words and gestures, for you being you. I thank you and you will forever be in my heart, my pageant sister, my friend, our guardian angel.

I love you.
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